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Melanie Brown Busting Out of Her Workout Gear in Beverly Hills

There's much to be said of Scary Spice, but today, let's just say she's got big smooshy funbags.

I'm not exactly sure how Melanie Brown did contain her ample chest in that ridiculously tight top, and I'm sorry that she was able to, for we almost had a rather epic viewing of her bare mamas on the streets of Beverly Hills. Her entire outfit seemed tighter than you might see on a world class athlete trying to shave one-one-thousandth of a second off their sprinting time by way of wardrobe aerodynamics.

Still, when clothing technology lends itself to the bodily display of busty girls like Melanie, then technology is to be applauded. As is Melanie, for daring to go so skintight in public. And pulling it off with curvaceous appeal. Enjoy.

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