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Lindsay Ellingson Wicked Hot in Not Very Much Lingerie for Victoria's Secret

Sometimes it's hard to fathom how many fathoms deep the talent pool at Victoria's Secret runs. But, suffice it to say, it's deep. Just look at Lindsay Ellingson, who we often forget to remember even lives, thrives, and warms our cockles on the V.S. roster until one of her epic lingerie pictorials comes around like this and we wonder where the hell she's been and why we're not begging her in writing to join us at the Sizzler for dinner. Before 5pm when the prices rise for those under 80, natch.

Still, just peek upon this lady's hotness and realize that she's a truly world class stunner, with a body you might like to see coming out of the bathroom in something slinky or less. It truly is unfair when one company has so much talent on the roster. This must be how opponents felt when they faced the '27 Yankees waiting for an easy spot in the lineup to come to the plate. Lindsay Ellingson home run. Enjoy.

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