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Leilani Dowding Paddleboarding and Surfing Bikini Hotness Weekend

Wow, long time friend of Egotastic! and super Britty hottie Leilani Dowding spent the weekend on the beach in L.A. in her bikini paddleboarding and surfing and I guess forgot to invite me along. I checked both my satellite phone and my 1997 beeper and nothing. So be it. Leilani had to water sport on her own, well, she did bring her dog along.

The slender lean and toned former Miss Universe contestant and Page 3 model just seems like a natural in the water. Some of her poses I don't think she learned at pageant school, but maybe that naughty pageant school I imagine where all the goody-good girls have half a beer after hours and play Spin the Dice and nekkid Twister with each other as they experiment to relieve the stress of competition. Yes, I do think about these things a lot. Which I suppose is why Leilani never invites me anywhere. Enjoy.

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