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Lea Michele Bikini Pictures for A Little Wabo Down Cabo Way

I'm a big fan of Lea Michele. Not so much when she makes public comments or sings so much, and I don't really watch her show, but something about her gives me the happy little tingles that let's me know this girl, and maybe a thousand or so like her, are really meant for me.

Thanks to our tree-lined paparazzi in their camouflaged positions and some long range lenses, we once again have some reasonable resolute photos of another celebrity indulging in sort-of-private bikini time down Cabo resort way. And Lea Michele once again proves that she very much belongs in the deserves to be in a bikini category of sextastic celebrities. Nothing crazy wild or insanely wicked, just plain Lea Michele bikini goodness. I'd order that up for room service if I had the chance. Enjoy.

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