Lavinia Postolache Bikini Pictures Show Off the Assets of Miss World in Malibu

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Lavinia Postolache isn't a name on the tips of every American tongue, but I'd bet you'd like Lavinia to be on the.... yeah, let's not go there.

The former Miss Romania and Miss World 2010 has set her sights on cracking Hollywood, having taken some intensive acting courses the past two years, and, more importantly, fine tuned her body to casting callback certainty. And if you're going to try and make it big in Tinsel Town, why not start with a rather noteworthy bikini photoshoot in Malibu. It really is step one (with step two involving some things you promised your mother you'd never do when you left for America, but found out really does help your career get fast-tracked in Hollywood). I'd call this opener in a red bikini a big time win for Lavinia. Enjoy.

(A quick check reveals that Lavinia's in production on her first film now, playing an Iraqi weapons inspector. Precisely the role I would have cast her for seeing her ridiculously hot body in this bikini.)

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