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Lana Del Rey Poses as Stripper and Naughty Country Girl for New Music Video

The big knock on Lana Del Reyhas always been that she's a tad bit boring. I suppose the role of a jazzy loungy pop singer is low key to begin with, and Lana really doesn't try much like her pop diva counterparts to draw attention to herself, despite having some innate bodily talents to work with. However, all gloves, and other clothes, seem to be off for her latest music video shoot in Los Angeles where Lana both appears to be flashing her above-the-fold regions in unbuttoned Daisy Dukes...

And also posing as what one would have to call a stripper in a skimpy bikini, given that there are some dollar bills sticking out of her drawers. I suppose that could just be from an overzealous crew member or maybe that's just where she keeps her soda machine dollars, but I'm going with stripper cosplay because I'm imagining it regardless. I'm guessing the result of this music video will be to cast Lana Del Rey in a new, more sexually charged light. This is a good thing. Enjoy.

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