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Lady Victoria Hervey Bikini Pictures from Her Kind of Royal Italian Getaway

Lady Victoria Hervey is one of those dubiously dubbed royals, coming from a family of Brits with some in-dubious dishonorable reputations, she nonetheless carries the title as she travels about the world hanging with other socialites, suntanning herself, and mostly trying to keep skinny. A little too skinny for our tastes, but we know some of you like them extra lean and lovely. And we have a hard time passing up any celeb in a bikini baking beneath the sun.

Lady Victoria is also this week on the isle retreat of Ischia, where a bunch of the hoity toity class are taking in the sun this time of year. I wish they would let me on that island. I might have to sneak in costumed as a fisherman or an Italian tax collector or something next summer. Where there's lust, there's a way. Enjoy.

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