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Kylie Minogue Still Looks Damn Amazing

Maybe this is just one long-standing Kylie Minogue non-apologizing lustlorn fan's opinion, but I think Kylie Minogue at forty-five still looks effin' amazing. Yeah, of course there's been some work done. And, of course lesbian rumors still persist (oh, that they would be true and I would be allowed to watch a Sapphic demonstration). But Kylie has been turning boys into men in the privacy of their bedrooms for over twenty years now. And her work is hardly finished.

Even caught candidly outside Hakaasan nightclub in London over the weekend, Kylie was flashing a little cleave, looking all kinds of sextastic, and garnering all of the paparazzi attention. A star is a star is a star. I don't know what that means other than I would like to lie down biblically with Kylie Minogue before she turns 50. And then again after. Enjoy.

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