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Kendall Jenner Bikini Tops a Paddle Board for Her Reality Show

Oh, to be seventeen again and starring in your family's reality TV show. Those were the day I never had. My family's reality was too harsh for TV, maybe closed-circuit viewing in penal institutions. But nothing as upright and inspiring as the Kardashian clan and their boob tube spectacle each week.

Kendall Jennerwas tasked with providing the 'reality' of going paddle boarding with her drifter brother for the show, all 0f which was not so super real, but did provide the opportunity for those of us in the discreetly leering class to check out the soon to be unleashed on the world Kendall Jenner in her ocean faring bikini top and scuba suit. Not enough to make me tune into that craptastic television show of theirs, but enough to make me query once more, 'When is this girl turning eighteen again?'. I know, that's rude. But at least it's real. Enjoy.

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