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Julia Pereira Bikini Pictures Candidly Continue Brazilian Model Booty Dominance

Julia Pereira continues to pop up in bikinis in Miami continuing to pop up gentleman oglers along her stretch of Souther Florida, surprised to see one of the most vastly underrated of the Brazilian super duper models. That body and booty on Julia Pereira is simply jaw dropping. I mean, I actually felt my lower mandible descend as I stared at the fine bottom side of the Sudamericana model in not one, but two separate delicious thongs over the weekend in Miami.

Green or black, black or green, you'll be black and blue and chaffed all over if you stare too long at this long slender perfectly feminine form on this model sextastica. It's not just that Brazil produces superior looking ladies, it's that they export them around the world like ambassadors to passion inducement. It's definitely working. Enjoy.

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