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Jenny McCarthy Practically F$#ks A Salad

You know when you are driving around and you are really hungry and you're like, "Which fast food place should I stuff my fat face with?" Then you think, "Which fast food commercial last gave me an erection?" The answer is almost always Carl's Jr...unless that creepy Burger King gets your juices flowing. In their latest ad, over-the-hill hottie Jenny McCarthy eats Carl's Jr's Cranberry Apple Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad all sluttylike. I never knew that salad was sexy but then again what does a fat blogger know from sexy? McCarthy is a truly obnoxious human being and her films are like a kick to the gonads but she is still pretty hot and that salad looks kinda awesome. I wonder if the opposite technique could work? Like, if you wanted to not eat something you could just think of someone gross eating it all sexy. Maybe I'll just imagine Honey Boo Boo's mom gnawing on a slice of pizza in a bikini the next time I want to resist the temptation.

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