Jeff Bridges Plays a Grizzled Drunk Wizard in 'Seventh Son' (VIDEO)

Are you sitting down? Jeff Bridges is finally getting some acting work, again. Phew. Now, he's in something called Seventh Son.

This time, instead of playing a grizzled old gunfighter, a grizzled old country singer, a grizzled old computer programmer, or a grizzled old Iron Man nemesis, or a grizzled old disembodied voice of every car commercial in existence...Bridges is gonna mix it all up. In a shocking change of type, he's gonna play a grizzled old wizard. Crazy, right? Yeah. We're still stunned.

The trailer looks pretty middling and dare-we-say(?) Willow-meets-a-giant-bucket-of-dragon-dook. Seventh Son, which won't be in front of audiences until early 2014, is based on the first of author Joseph Delaney's Wardstone Chronicles. He'll cast spells opposite a witch of some kind played by Julianne Moore, whose female form makes him uncomfortable. Vagina.

Despite our current lack of excitement, we'll give them some time to make the case...there's a lot of ins and outs and what-have-yous. A lot of strands in the old Duder's head. Y'know?

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