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Jade Foret Stripety Bikini is Magically Delicious in Miami (And Her Black Bikini May Be Even Hotter)

Jade Foretis one wicked hot euro-model. As such, she's been obliged to do the typical hot euro-model things. Start modeling at a crazy young age for one. Get involved with famous soccer players. And, ultimately marry a wealthy French businessman from an old money family. They just don't ever end up with the horny bloggers, do they? C'est la vie.

But, we still get to look. At Jade's rather memorably, million-dollar worthy body, in red and white stripes on the beach in Miami, where the rich and famous, and the poor men with binoculars, go to delight in showing off and scoping out during the summer months. It's a little hot in South Beach this time of year. Jade Foret's arrival made it just a little bit steamier. Check her out, welcome her to Egotastic!, and dream of being a wealthy French businessman I suppose. Enjoy.

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