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If You Can't Let It Go, Then Take It With You: Shakoolie Beer Shower Koozie

Roommates are wolves. They use your stuff, eat your food, and steal batteries from your remote when their own runs out of juice. Most of these, I don't mind. But when it comes to booze, well, they better not even think about it. It's hard to ward off the temptation, though, when there's an open can of beer, right in front of them.

Say, the can's already open and you feel the sudden urge to take a shower, then what?

You don't need to down the contents of the can in a rush or leave it on the table with a sense of dread, because you'll probably come back to an empty can. Just take it with you in the shower instead. No, I'm not crazy; I'm just someone who has a beer shower koozie. And at this point, I think you probably want one for yourself, too.

It's called the Shakoolie and its makers 'guarantee a better shower beer' once you've got this thing stuck beneath your shower head. It comes in a variety of colors and is basically assembled from foam koozie, industrial-grade velcro, and a suction cup. It's a simple but ingenious bath accessory that every guy needs to have.

Get It: $9.99

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