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I Am An Unashamed Fan of Gwen Stefani's Tummy

I also happen to like her music. Or did. Or not really her music so much as her stage shows and raw sexuality that I'm quite certain was meant just for me. She did always seem to be looking right at me through the screen. Which is somewhat embarrassing only because I was rarely dressed myself.

And Gwen Stefani has still got it going on. Ten years later. Mommyhood. Has not stopped Gwen from flashing skin and that especially noteworthy bare-midriff of hers in public. I don't know, maybe that sucks for her kids who have to have the mom who's flashing her navel in public. Too bad, kids. Suck it up. You have your entire adult lives to discuss it with your therapists. We just want a few minutes with your mom. Enjoy.

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