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Guillermina Valdez Bikini Pictures Have Multiple Sweet Spots

Editor's note: thanks to all of you who wrote in noticing these were not the boobs of Macelo's ex-wife, but, rather, his current girlfriend.
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I feel like over the years we've developed a little trust between you and me. So, I'd like to confide in you, personally, that I happen to go bonkers for hot Argentinean women with big knockers. I know, right. We all have our secrets. But Guillermina Valdez, the girlfriend of mega TV star Marcelo Tinelli, was pimping but proper her more than plush chest puppies on the beach in Miami over the weekend and I just had to share.

I'm not exactly sure what Guillermina Valdez does other than being one one of Sudamericana's most famous ex-wives, but I can tell you what she's doing to me. Actually, I'm not sure I'm allowed to tell that. Suffice it to say, big motherly boobtastic makes me weak in the knee area. Enjoy.

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