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Behold! The Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer In All of Its Most Epic Epicness (VIDEO)

Now, after a five year wait, and for the first time ever we can all finally see what Grand Theft Auto V gameplay will look like. Here it is, hot off the, digital presses.

Right off the bat, we can get why it took Rockstar Games so long to put this thing together, because they created the entirety of Southern California in bits and bytes. No seriously, they captured it right down to the freaking wildlife and blades of grass. It's the scumbags of your worst nature meets the Sims and palm trees.

In addition to following three different characters and voyeuristically zooming in on every part of the game's ridiculously vast world (it's unknown exactly how delightfully pervy the voyeurism will get), you can participate in real-world diversions...but in the game.

So, yeah, after robbing banks and (probably) balling-out hookers, you can do yoga (yoga!?) and play tennis to digitally unwind. Yup, exercise -- just  like you do in real life.

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