'Grand Theft Auto V' Invites You to Drive a Quadbike in Your Undercrackers in This Latest Batch of Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto V's hype train continues to careen along. Yesterday, Rockstar finally bestowed upon us the answer to the only damn question worth asking: can we embark on a law-baiting crime spree in our underpants, before eluding the attentions of the police in a stylish little all-terrain vehicle, boxers flying in the wind, like the balding badass exhibitionist drug dealer we are?

No need to cancel that pre-order, gentlemen. The answer was: you bet your balls you can.

That's just the first of the heaping helping of new screenshots that were released yesterday. Elsewhere in the gallery above, there's a little larceny on the water with a speedboat, another use for that newfangled scuba diving mechanic, and a spot of casual dangling from a bridge.
Take a look.

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