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Gloria Aura Lingerie Pictures for Mexican Actress Sextastica

Gloria Aura is quite the popular thespianic down Mexico way. A stage and telenovela actress, also a morning TV show hostess, the super fine looking Latina seems to have done it all still in her 20's. And now she's baring almost all in H Para Hombres magazine, showing off her stellar hot body in skimpy bits of lingerie and bras and panties.

Maybe she's doing so just to remind the world that Latina celebrities are not shy about their sex appeal. Neither are we shy about appreciating them not being shy. In fact, I actively applaud Gloria's non-shyness. Even a standing ovation when I can do so without embarrassment. Girls like Gloria Aura are what's right about television. And, yes, I'm mostly saying that so she won't slap me quite as hard about the face when I do meet her in person one day and stare catatonic like a young boy at her amazing body.  Disfruta.

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