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Gigantic Red Solo Cup Holds 4.5 Times More Booze For 4.5 Times More Fun

This isn't the first time someone tried to reinvent the classic red solo cup. You know, the ones that are handed out at keggers and parties. (Remember the wine and margarita versions of the cup that brought new life to typically boring dinner parties?)

The latest redesign of the cup doesn't really change its appearance much. I mean, it still looks like a cup, by all means, and it doesn't have an added stem or handle anywhere. The major difference is in its size--and when I say major, I also mean that literally. Regular red cups can hold up to 16 oz of booze, but the Gigantic Red Party Cup can hold up to 72 oz. That's roughly 4.5 more booze for infinitely more fun!

Instead of flimsy plastic, the Gigantic Red Cup is also made from ceramic, so you can use it over and over and over again.

Just make sure you and your buds remember to drink moderately. (Please, take our word for it, don't drink yourself to a near-coma because hangovers are a b'tch.)

Get It: $20

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