Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Penis-Powered Virtual Reality, Death Threats and Mario and Luigi’s Gay Love Affair

Since game design wunderkind, Asian manchild and banjo enthusiast Shigeru Miyamoto created Mario, the Mushroom Kingdom has been one of the most family friendly, bizarre little universes imaginable. Alas, all of these merry delusions were shattered this week by the revelations of secret incestuous man-love between Mario and Luigi. After all, as everybody knows, the first rule of being family friendly is put your dick away, your brother doesn’t want to see it.

Sure, it’s all Internet BS, but you don’t want to miss the whole nutso story. Elsewhere this Whacked Out Week, we’re pleased and more than a little ashamed to welcome back Custom Maid 3D, the notorious wank simulator with the futuristic condom controller (thanks, Japan!).

In short, we don’t know how much sexy is too much, but we must be perilously close with this week’s gallery. Handle with care.

Kotaku bring us VR wank simulators, Mario and Luigi’s love and Call of Duty‘s death threats.