Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Groping, Swearing and the Hulk’s Cameo in ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

Grand Theft Auto, as we know, is a series of grittier-than-a-couple-bags-of-gravel gritty realism. It introduces the minutiae of life in the criminal underbelly of otherwise respectable-looking cities; these are not the happy funtimes shenanigans you might find elsewhere. Is there a toon-tinged plumber with ill-advised facial hair (dicking around in worlds too brightly colored for even Boy George’s taste) here? There is not.

This week, then, merry modder JulioNIB introduced just the cartoon shitstorm the franchise needed: a playable Hulk. What does this guy do when hassled by a police helicopter? A bazooka? Nuts to that. The ability to casually grab a passing car and wang it into the chopper’s big ol’ metal face brings a whole new ultraviolent meaning to the word ‘sandbox.’

Elsewhere in today’s three course crazy-meal, we learn why Japanese Xbox players are known as ‘gropers,’ and witness Ellie’s (of The Last of Us) possible case of swear-tacular Tourette’s syndrome.

Kotaku brings us ‘gropers,’ Ellie’s potty mouth and Hulk’s smashing.