Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Bizarre Wii-related Sex Crimes, Ghostly Dogs and the Resident Evil Theme Park

Gaming's Whacked Out Week: July 19
Here's a caption contest waiting to happen.

In the whole nutso history of the Whacked Out Week, we’ve never quite unearthed a headline like Sex Bet on Wii Game Ends With Mountie Shooting His Wife. That’s batshit crazy taken to lofty new heights, right there.

It’s also an actual damn thing that happened, as you’ll see in the gallery above.

Elsewhere this week, our friends in Japan are using their guns for purposes other than definitively settling domestic disputes about who’s going to put which sex toy in which bodily orifice: blasting the balls off of Resident Evil zombies at Universal Studios Japan. That notorious Call of Duty: Ghosts dog makes a piss-takey appearance as well.

Kotaku bring us sex bets and Resident Evil The Real.

Ghost Dog courtesy of @InfinityWard.