Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: A ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Stupidity Special

As we know, the Ego-readers are among the most discerning, sophisticated, awesome dudely types you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. Elsewhere on the web, though, there’s a whole lot of holy shit going on. Y’know, educationally.

This week, Grand Theft Auto V planted its iron jackboot squarely into the man-plums of the gaming landscape with its latest trailer of wonderment. Web-dwellers worldwide greeted it with excitement, awe, soiled undercrackers and –in some instances– frankly alarming quantities of pure dipshit.

It’s that last one that Tumblr has chosen to record for posterity, on its gtavtrailercomments page. This little monument to mockery brings us the dumbest, rant-iest and most entertaining responses to the trailer, from Youtube comments and such. Take a look above; we had no choice but to dedicate today’s Whacked Out Week to those bitching about age ratings by dubbing them ‘the pussification of America.’