Farrah Abraham Signs a Couple Butts, Gets Some Topless Lap Dances, All in a Night’s Work

Farrah Abraham Signing Asses and Getting Topless Lap Dances at Vivid Strip Club
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It’s not easy being Teen Mom. Not the most infamous teen mom with a new hit adult video to your credit. Especially when you vow to make no more. You still need to get out there and hustle. Like hitting a strip club for a little ass-signing and lap dancing as Farrah Abraham did to promote Vivid’s new gentleman’s club on the Atlantic coast.

I’m not sure if this is the first time Farrah’s received a naughty topless lapdance. She seems like a good customer. Remember, you don’t touch the girls, they may touch you. At least that’s the rule my friends who engage in such activities tell me it happens. I wouldn’t know. I’m home watching CBS and making brittle. Enjoy.