Edita Vilkeviciute Sextastic to the Max for Victoria's Secret

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Oh, my future wife likes to play teasing bikini dress up games it seems. Sometime between right this second, and the minute Edita Vilkeviciute finally agrees to be my first future ex-spouse, we're going to have to talk about her wardrobe choices. As in, please, don't change a thing.

Featured in the latest and greatest bikini and casual beachwear shoot for Victoria's Secret, my Lithuanian Mrs. delivers a serious level of blonde bikini hottie goodness, leaving me to wonder if she'll have any surprises left for me on our honeymoon. I mean, besides the one where I find she's been fooling around with the bellboy while I've been sent away on a series of random tasks. Marriage is work. I keep hearing people say that. Enjoy.

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