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Devin Brugman Bikini Pictures Candidly Exhibit the Instagram Bikini Princess

She's being called the Instagram queen, but being just 21 or so, I'll go with princess, what with all these royal titles being tossed about. Still, I can begin to see why young brunette model Devin Brugman has garnered such a massive following so quickly on Instagram. Even in these quite candid, unprepared bikinis shots from Miami, you can clearly see the naturally large talents of the young lady with an eye on getting even bigger.

We generally don't fall right into social media hottie traps here on Egotastic! But when we see a girl we'd most definitely like to be trapped with for, say, six years of prodigious reproductive activity, then fall we shall. Welcome to Egotastic, Devin Brugman. Enjoy.

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