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Courtney Stodden Flashes Just a Hint of Cleavage Out in West Hollywood.

I'm not exactly sure where Courtney Stodden is going with this, but I suspect the cameras are going to follow.

I know many of you will write in and say stop giving this attention seeking <insert unkind word> even more attention, but you fail to see that all the world's a stage and we are merely players. Though that make be the wrong Shakespearean quote, or not Shakespeare at all. But Courtney Stodden already is Courtney Stodden and I guess we played some role in that happening, but that's like blaming winter for making things so cold. That's what winter does.

We do so like big mountain sized chest playthings here. It's such a tough call between base instinct and refined culture. We tend to go with the former. Sort of the same forces driving Courtney herself to show more and more of her freshly created new immense ta-ta's. Look away if you must, but they are still there, I assure you. Enjoy.

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