Celebrate Canada Day With Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed and the Rest of the Best in North of the Border Gaming

For those of you who don’t share our deft command of y’know, dates and shit, the Fourth of July is approaching. You may have heard of it.

Before the usual alcohol-y, firework-y festivities, though, those canny Canadians are jumping in first today with their own national day: Canada Day (presumably so named to prevent anyone thinking it was Romania Day or something, and the revelers had simply gotten a little lost on the way back from their local drinkatorium).

Now, you may be thinking that the country that brought us green plastic garbage bags, snowmobiles, Celine Dion and Justin ‘Middle Finger’ Bieber has already done more than enough for humanity. After all, they also invented the zipper, and everyone who has ever needed easy wang access in public restrooms (not in the George Michael sense. Access to their own, we should specify) should thank them for it. But what of their contributions to video games? Hit the gallery for a look at the greatest –and the most hilariously craptacular– efforts from Canadian developers.