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Cassie Bikini Pictures Hot Enough to Ignore The Scalp

Yes, it's true. I'm considered something of a style authority when it comes to hair. This despite the fact that I've never personally had a haircut that didn't involve a coupon to Supercuts. This whole thing with girls shaving their heads or part of their heads or flashing scalp really is truly not very appealing. I say that knowing there are probably four percent of you out there who are scalp fetishists who find this hair style trend the best thing since girls crushing bugs with their heels.

Having said that, I'd never let a little do-don't get in the way of a hot body display like the one put on by Cassie in her bikini in Miami. That there is a show that shows exactly why your gentleman ogler doesn't necessarily begin his scientific perusal from the very top on down. Sometimes, you need to start in the middle, as in that bodacious rump on the shorn-haired diva. It's quite a thing. And much better than even a Supercuts coupon. Enjoy.

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