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Cara Delevingne Bikini Pictures For Joint Partying Pose Downs on Rihanna's Yacht

Rihanna never travels and parties alone. Like a true rock star, err, pop star, she has a posse that typically includes other young hotties, bless her soul, including this past weekend where she invited 20-year old British model sensation Cara Delevingneto join her on the Monaco party boat. I think Cara models one of the clothing line Rihanna now owns part of, or something like that, but these two girls have become fast friends (and, I like to imagine, drunken experimental kissing below the belt mates).

Cara has this distinct fashion model look that has made her the toast of people who care about fashion and paying lots of young slender girls tons o' dough to show it off on runways and in magazines. She also can keep up with Rihanna's hardcore party schedule. That's a trick in and of itself. In either case, check her out in her bikini and see if you wouldn't like having Cara as part of your posse, on your yacht, off the coast of Monaco. Dare to dream. Enjoy.

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