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Blake Lively Cleavetastic Domination at 'Turbo' Premiere

Turbo of course is the latest talking animal animation fare. I imagine animation film meetings always begin with 'hey, what kind of animal haven't we had talk yet in a movie?'. Snail. That's Turbo. But, more important than the hackneyed Hollywood approach to film invention, was the exhibition of cleavetastic wonderment put on by the ever lovely Blake Livelyat the film premiere last night.

Now, Blake has been out of the public eye pretty much since marrying Ryan Reynolds last fall. Not sure if they're just one of those 'private couples' that eschews the Hollywood limelight for a couple years until they realize people stopped caring then they freak out and do everything they can to become popular again. Or, if maybe they've just been off fishing in a remote South Seas extended vacation. Either way, it's a blessing to have Blake and that body boobtastic of hers back in the spotlight. Even for a talking snail movie. Enjoy.

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