Battle of the Manliest Crazies in Fighting Games: Street Fighter’s M. Bison Vs Mortal Kombat’s Shao Khan

We’re all familiar with the which superhero will triumph over which superhero in a preposterous hypothetical battle debates. Could Spider-Man kick Batman’s ass? Could Superman plant one of his slightly camp red boots in Godzilla’s gonads, and thus fell the beast? Could even Grandma Egotastic!, who weighs all of sixty pounds and can only hear on Thursday afternoons, beat Robin into a bloody, flamboyant cape-wearing pulp?

The answers to these queries, incidentally, are yes, yes and of course, he’s all kinds of suck.

Shao Khan vs M Bison brings us bat-on-spider action.

But our point –and we do have one somewhere here. Strap yourselves in, gentlemen, here it comes now!– is that these scenarios continue to captivate. However ‘grown up’ we are, however far our hairline has receded, such questions can spin out into a several-hour, heated nerdly discussion. Today’s topic, courtesy of ScrewAttack’s Death Battle series, is Shao Khan vs M.Bison.

The dickish final boss of Street Fighter (sometimes) against the dickish final boss of Mortal Kombat? Eye lasers, Psycho Power, Shadaloo, Wrath Hammers and tedious internet memes about Tuesdays? This is sure to be quite a sight. And see it you can, over here on destructoid.

Who wins? We couldn’t possibly say, you’ll have to take a look.