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Backseat Barbecue: A Fourth of July Tradition (VIDEO)

We've all been there. You're grilling some delicious dead stuff in the prime of summer, when out of nowhere comes some obnoxious douchebag who wants to get all up in your grill. (Boom. Nailed it. See what we did there?)

For the backseat barbecue douchebag, nothing you do is right. The meat you bought is wrong, the sauce you're putting on it wasn't mixed by blind blues orphans in shotgun shacks outside of Clarksdale, and you're definitely burning that, bro.  Because we celebrate America this week, our friends over at Get to the Chopper took to the You Tubes to make sure everyone's aware of this alarming trend.

And be vigilant: like Better-Directions-After-the-Fact-Guy, Whiffle-Ball-Rulebook-Dude, and the biggest dick of them all, Craft-Beer-Gestabro, all of the pedantic pieces of shit in your life will be out in full force this week, so stay salty.

( Wait for a special guest  appearance at the end by former Egotastic writer, nerd Ian)

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