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Aubrey Plaza Bikini Pictures Let the Sexy Out for GQ Magazine

Aubrey Plaza is making her big film star turn in the grownup girl comedy The To Do List. I wasn't asked to make my own to-do list, but if I did, it would certainly include spending some intimate alone time with Aubrey Plaza and a large jar of Costco honey. Also, one of those weird wooden tiny barrel shaped things they use to drip honey. That's a must have. Sweet sticky Aubrey... hang on, I need a moment.

Featured in the new edition of GQ magazine and coincidentally timed perfectly with her film release, Aubrey Plaza talks sex and other fun things (as if anything else comes close to that on the fun scale). I really think this could be the big breakout for the much deserving Aubrey Plaza. It's time to unleash her inner sextastic on the world. I'll lay down the plastic mats and hide the children. Enjoy.

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