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Andrea Burstein Bikini Pictures for Slender Sextastic Sudamericana Models in Miami

Editor's note: thanks to all writing in from Argentina, you are an email friendly bunch, with info that Andrea recently suffered a loss in her family which may be the reason for her noticeably skinny physique. So, we take back all chiding below and wish her a speedy return to fuller bodied happiness.

Yesterday I flubbed up our ID on the Argentinean bikini hottie, so as makeup, I'm not only to share with you photos of Argentinean model Andrea Burstein in a bikini on Miami Beach, I'm going to offer to feed Andrea a few sandwiches.

Yes, Andrea is a good looking young lady and popular model down Sudamericana way. But the girl could use a little meat on her fine bones if she wants to stick around these parts. We like our sextastic celebrities to be able to go on extended naughty nekkid day hikes without slipping into a coma from lack of any quantity of burnable fat in the body. So, Andrea Burstein, yes, we will have you. But this is going to be a dinner date, count on it. Enjoy.

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