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What If Superman Punched You? This Is What'll Happen (VIDEO)

If this guy's calculations are correct, then you're worse than a goner if Superman punched you. We're not talking about Henry Cavill (although he does a pretty good job playing Clark Kent) but the actual fictitious Superman with his X-ray vision and insanely powerful punches.

Jake Roper, who is also known as Vsauce3, goes over this in great detail. He's so nerdy that he's almost cool.

If you can't be bothered to watch the four-minute-and-a-half clip, then here's something to summarize the whole thing for you:

"Superman wouldn't just knock the wind out of you. Oh no! He would knock the atoms out of you."

So if you're planning on hitting on Lois Lane, then I suggest you don't. He might not be everywhere, but do remember that he's got X-ray vision. And as we saw Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, he's not afraid to use it.

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