‘Watch Dogs’ Brings Us Some Sweet, Sweet Violence in This Latest Motion Capture Trailer (VIDEO)

Watch Dogs Motion Capture Trailer Header
Ouch, that smarts!

In a resounding victory for bespectacled little bald guys with craptacular beards everywhere, Watch Dogs’ motion capture maestro is kicking all manner of ass in the above clip. We’re not sure if a ‘motion capture trailer’ is an actual thing that exists, but we won’t dispute the term. These mad bastards are, as you’ll see, ready to righteously smite our gonads with a painful pain-stick (‘tactical baton’) at any moment, so they can call it whatever the hell they want.

But, to business: protagonist Aiden Pearce’s abilities certainly look to reflect his ambiguous good guy/bad guy role. He’s more of a vigilante, using his hacking prowess to exact his own brand of justice in a city that has betrayed him (that little story hasn’t been revealed yet). If justice means sudden and vicious assault in the delicate facial region, he’s down with that. He’s Batman in a shitty brown coat with a scarf around his face like a dumbass, and we love him for it.

This allows for all kinds of opportunistic brutality, with the combat presented as a kind of resourceful street fighting. Take a look above to see it brought to graceful, athletic and slightly disturbing life.