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Wake Up or Lose a Buck: DIY Money Shredding Alarm Clock

Remember the money shredding alarm clock concept that someone came up with a couple of years ago? No? Well, let me jog your memory. It's basically an alarm clock with a slot installed at the top. When the alarm rings out, you've got about ten seconds to wake up and hit the disable button, or else it'll shred the dollar bill perched at the mouth of the slot.

How much you put on the line is up to you. If I have to wake up for some family trip, then I'd probably put a bunch of old credit card bills on the slot. But if it's for some big test or fishing trip or something, then I wouldn't mind putting in a twenty for good measure.

This DIY money shredding alarm clock was made by Rich Olson. You can't buy it, so if you want one, you'll just have to make your own. Bummer.

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