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UFO Stops By Amsterdam For Some Weed And Whores

An unidentified flying object was spotted hovering over Amsterdam's Muiderslot Castle. Several Dutchmen clopped out of their windmills in their wooden shoes or whatever to see the spaceship zooming over the 12th century palace. An amateur photographer named Corrine Federer captured the pics. It looks not unlike what 50's sci-fi movies thought rockets would look like inn the future, all fins and phallus shapes. It make you wonder why they stopped by in Amsterdam. Usually UFOs visit deserted roads and rural areas in order to administer anal probes and whatnot. They are probably bored with that crap. So, they wanted a weekend in Amsterdam to visit some hash bars and maybe get it in at one of the many whorehouses around town. They are only human...well...not human, but you know what I mean.

Check out the video below and judge for yourself if it really happened or was just a drug induced hallucination.

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