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'This is the End' List of Supplies Might Make the Apocalypse Bearable (VIDEO)

This Is the End opens tomorrow and we're pretty stoked. We've seen some pretty awesome stuff so far: Emma Watson shamelessly robs booze, Satan shows up, and Michael Cera gets turned into a one-man kabob. Yep, things are looking pretty sweet.

In the most recent spate of clips from the upcoming comedy/bromance, we get a sense that the apocalypse may not be so terrible after all, at least at first. Seth Rogen lists what five guys hunkered down for endtimes have to share. He reads off:  beer, liquor, ecstasy pills, weed, a porno mag,  and a revolver, among other things. Oh, and water. And steak. That should be fine, right?  Sounds like what most of us bring on an average camping trip.

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