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'The To Do List' Red Band Trailer Takes Aubrey Plaza from Kinda Cute to Nerd Goddess (VIDEO)

At first glance, the newAubrey Plaza vehicle The To Do List might not have much bro appeal. It seems like the Parks and Recreation star deals with some kind of lady issues, right?  That is, until we see what kind of lady issues Plaza's character is having.

She wants to get laid! And getting laid is not the only thing on her list. Shocking. And refreshingly original. Well, not quite as shocking as the moment her character realizes exactly what a shocker is and why it's strictly an advanced move. The trailer gives us a glimpse of what a few nip slips, a red one-piece, and a rocket-pop can do to take Plaza's sex appeal from 'cute minx' to 'sexy woah'.

It looks like The To Do List takes place in the early 90s, which will give us all an excuse to remember how little we really enjoyed all of that neon-accented party hip-hop. Oh, and boners are still funny. Especially if they're Bill Hader's.

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