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The End of 'Futurama' Begins (Again)

Tonight begins the end of Futurama, which for a rocky on again / off again run of nearly 14 years kind of reinvented then perfected nerd parody. When the first episode of Season 7B airs, it will start a thirteen episode nerdgasm / swan song culminating on September 4th's series finale.

While we're sad to see it go, we've had a rocky relationship with the show. For one, it was hard to stand in the shadow of the greatest animation series in history, The Simpsons and given that, it's fortunate that Futurama ever got out of the spaceport, if you will. But as with later Simpsons seasons and the trend of most decent comedy television in general, it fell into a pattern of mere parody. Relying on cheap-ish spoofery to keep its audience mildly entertained. Watching it now, it's kind of hard not to cringe at the handful of weak jokes that show up in any given episode.

Either way, we'll be tuning in for its final run -- each and every geektastic episode.

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