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The End is Coming: New 'Breaking Bad' Finale Promo is a Smug and Taunting Wisp Smoke

AMC released the first Breaking Bad finale promos today. Jeeze, look at that wisp of smoke. Look at it! This is the first indication that the network will torture the crap out of us for two months over the final episodes. They've got us all in a frenzy over little bit of smoke, BECAUSE THEY CAN.

We've been staring at it for an hour now. Seriously. Like an album cover from the mid-70s or 3D mall art from the 90s. Are there hidden messages in it? Are there spoilers? Anything? No. There's nothing. It's just a puff of smoke. Now we're going to spend the rest of the day wondering what kind of smoke that is.  It could be the charred remains of someone important. It could be the fog of a one-man Walter White war. Maybe, it's Hank Schrader's ire.

Meth? It's probably meth. The series finales start on August 11th, and until then: Damn you AMC, damn you.

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