The Egotastic! E3 Extravaganza: It’s Your Destiny to Wonder at This Latest Sci-Fi Greatness from ‘Destiny’ (VIDEO)

E3 2013 Destiny Trailer
Our future: we're all pale and skinny, and pissed about it.

Think yourselves lucky, because that headline could’ve been (marginally) even worse.

As we know, Destiny is the latest venture from ex Halo overlords Bungie, in collaboration with the producers of the mighty, still-got-the-whole-gaming-world-by-its-sweaty-’nads Call of Duty. That knowledge alone is sufficient to demand our attention. You may even have got a little wood, and nobody would think any the less of you for it.

With each new revelation, then, we see just how much promise this project holds. Rather like Johnny Depp, who recently turned fifty yet his shitty beard is still irresistible to a far-too-great percentage of the female population, Bungie appear to have ‘still got it’ in a major way.

In the future-tastic dystopian world of Destiny, the last remnants of humanity are besieged by… some ugly humanoid bastards or other. In the above, they leave their stronghold to make a stand. The whole situation smacks of Gears of War, and in addition to the powerful stench of Halo-ness about the whole thing, this makes for one of the most intriguing next-gen prospects thus far.