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That Guy Married to Megan Fox Is Joining the Cast of 'Anger Management'

A few years ago, Brian Austin Green was just "that guy who used to play that guy on 90210" and nothing more. Then he married one of the hottest women on earth, and suddenly he was "that unbelievably lucky bastard who used to play that guy on 90210 who is now married to Megan Fox."

Now, being married to Megan fox obviously has a lot of benefits, number one being the privilege of seeing Megan Fox naked every single day. But another benefit to being attached to one of the most desirable women alive is notoriety. People didn't forget about Brian Austin Green because they kept seeing him in photos with Megan Fox at the beach. And not being forgotten has helped the dude get work.

Today, for example, it was announced that Green will be joining the cast of FX's Anger Management permanently. He'll be reprising the role he's already played a couple of times—that of the dude who's sticking it to the ex-wife of the character played by Charlie Sheen.

Admittedly, Anger Management isn't exactly Mad Men, or even Two and a Half Men. In fact, for some actors, joining a basic cable comedy built around a notoriously unstable actor would be a pretty risky move. However, when the last movie you made was called ChromSkull: Laid to Rest 2, this is a pretty solid gig.

So congrats to Brian Austin Green. The man is living the dream.

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