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Tamara Ecclestone and Petra Ecclestone Bikini Pictures from a Yacht in Capri

Well, don't you know, the fabulously wealthy Eccletstone sisters and I spend our summer yachting seasons together in Capri typically. At least, the F-1 racing heiresses were actually there yesterday boating in their bikinis whilst I was taking a bath in my luxurious walk-up (actually, the elevator's just broke) with my model sailboat and my rubber ducky. Sort of the same. Only, the girls got much more attention for their efforts.

Tamara Ecclestone was just married to some guy who should do for a year or maybe two, and is looking every bit the newlywed happy busty girl in her bikini. While blonde sister Petra Ecclestone gave a rather secretive birth to her first kid back in February or March and seems to have recovered quite nicely in her rarely seen bikini pose these days.

While it would seem both sisters are somewhat spoken for these days, in the world of diamonds and yachts and bikini heiresses, expect circumstances on the ground to be somewhat fluid in the commitment department. I'm biding my time. Dusting off my captain's hat and pipe, and preparing for my swoop into the life of luxury that is my destiny. Enjoy.

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