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Stayhold Keeps the Junk In Your Trunk In Order

Every dude's got some junk in the trunk, and it's often messier than they'd like. I'm not talking about the junk in your pants, gents, but the junk at the back of your actual car trunk. It always starts with the stuff you've got in the backseat, which you move to the trunk because someone wants to hitch a ride. It eventually becomes a habit and soon enough, you're out of space when you actually need it.

The solution is to keep things neat right at the very start. To do that, you'll need a trunk organizer of sorts, and one such organizer comes in the form of the Stayhold.

These plastic dividers let you segregate stuff and keep them upright in your trunk, so they'll stay organized even after particularly long and bumpy roadtrips.

So how does it work? Stayhold basically 'grabs' onto the carpet of your trunk, making sure that they stay put through all the ups and downs of the ride. Neat-o.

Check It Out: $13

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