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Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa Bikini Pictures from Malibu

Sadly, our belusted Latina diva Selena Gomez did not partake in the same busty blue bikini show as her actress friend Francia Raisa did, showing off her curvaceous form. Still, we did get a nice bit of shorts and loose top look from the Malibu-faring Selena over the weekend. Ever since she dropped the Devil's Midget from her black book, she's seemed just that much hotter, and now in need of some female friends who probably ditched her when she was seeing that self-destructive little YouTube sensation.

Seeing Francia and Selena walking stride by stride near the beach reminded of a beach time experience I never really had, involving two girls of my dreams, a bag of kettle corn, and somebody complaining about how tough that stuff is to get out of hair.  There's always fun to be had when you close your eyes and you're inspired by the likes of these two hotties. Enjoy.

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