Rita Ora Muffin Bare Midriff in a Sports Bra and Booty Hugging Pants in L.A.

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We definitely have a major crush on Britty pop star and platinum blondie Rita Ora. She does like to show off. And, apparently, loves herself a decent meal, which is quite a difference from many of her fellow wafer thin celebrity peers.

We wouldn't throw a hot woman out of bed for eating crackers, let alone squishing our gonads with a ball peen hammer, so we wouldn't shoo away a fine lass like Rita just for having a little muffin top working. Just look at those curves wrapped in spandex, top and bottom, and you get an idea of how much soft and bouncy fun could be had after clothing peel-back time.

Finally, a girl who doesn't need a sandwich. Just some all over hugs. Enjoy.

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